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  In this argument, the arguer concludes that ______. To support the conclusion, the arguer points out that______. In addition, the arguer reasons that_____.This argument suffers from several critical fallacies.

  In this argument, the arguer recommends that_____.To justify this claim, the arguer provides the evidence that ____. In addition, he cites the result of a recent study that _____. A careful examination of this argument would reveal how groundless the conclusion is.

  In this analysis, the arguer claims that ____. To substantiate the conclusion, the arguer cites the example that____. In addition, the arguer assumes that ____. This argument is unconvincing for several critical flaws.

  In this argument, the arguer advocates that ____. The recommendation is based on the observation that_____. Meanwhile, the arguer assumes that____. The argument is problematic for two reasons.

  The conclusion in this argument is that_____. In support of this prediction, the arguer claims that _____.Moreover, the arguer assumes that_____. This argument is fraught with vague, oversimplified and unwarranted assumptions.


  First, the argument is based on a false analogy. The arguer simply assumes that____, but he does not provide any evidence that_____.

  Second, the arguer commits a fallacy of hasty generalization. Even if____, it does not follow that____。

  Besides, the arguer does not provide any solid information concerning that____.

  Actually, the arguer’s recommendation of _____would most probably turns out to be ineffective and misleading.

  In the first place, the arguer fails to take into account the ____factors in the analysis. While we are informed that _____, the arguer fails to make clear that____.



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