I’m inspired by this website created by a undergraduate from THU(PhD in Harvard now), which sets up a good example about utilizing a personal website to practice writing and keep track of thoughts and learning. He made it a showcase to present his life in college and provide  quite a few first-hand experiences and advice for prospective PhD applicants like me.

Once again, I realize my weakness and lack of ability–I even have to look up the dictionary to write down those words . No matter which career I gonna choose, it’s doubtless that I am far from well-prepared .

Anyway, since I have determined to live fully, I believe it’s never too late to change.

Hence, the next change is to write English  essay everyday to record   academic issues , thoughts and other facets of my life.

To some extent, it’s a more private way to expose  my thoughts since it generally takes Chinese netizens more efforts to read English.

The road is still long come.



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