English learning journey

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Forget I should use formal tones in assignments…

Like most 90s generation people born after 1990 in China, my English learning journey started from kindergarten. Although I started early, I hadn’t paid enough attention to English learning before entering middle school. During primary school, hardly knew knowing any grammar, I was always a typical weak student in English class. While in middle school and high school, after picking up basic grammars I gradually found I am good at reading and guessing listening, in terms of dealing with exam. In turn Consequently, my English grades got improved and I became more comfortable with English. However, as we use a exam-oriented education method and there were no more needs for outputting speaking and writing in English, I seldom practiced speaking or writing in English. In college, the situation was almost the same and my outputting ability in English stayed same. Generally, the lack of purpose or needs indeed negatively influenced my learning process. Plus, I am lazy. I kind of tend to avoided any so called unnecessary effort, which now reflects I had not much foresight at that time. Considering that as a PhD candidate in NUS I now have certain purpose and need to speaking and writing English, I think I would put more efforts in practicing oral and written English.


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