Cars vs Airplanes

Like what I have written in primary school..

Along with the rapid developing technology and science, we get varied type of transportation to choose, among which the automobile and the airplane are two that considerably influence the society and our day to day life. However, if have to choose a more  predominant one, the effect of the car apparently outweigh the other.

To begin with, the use of the car is obviously more usual than that of airplane for we only travel by airplane for long distance trip, like Beijing to New York. What’s more, in some cases, travelers tend to drive a car even in a long way journey, normally for saving money. Thus, our society relies more on vehicles to keep running rather than airplane for most cases. For instance, we count on bus to go to school and express companies like DHL rely on delivery cars to distribute goods. To some extent, the society is bonded by cars since most cities and countries are connected by roads which cars run on.

Admittedly, airplanes connect remote cities as well. But the automobile, as the most frequent transportation, get a closer access to have an effect on our daily life. On the contemporary society, we take cars as our second pair of foots. A US writer said the US is a country on the wheels. Nowadays, the world is on the wheels. As the city grows and expands in an exponent speed in China, it’s hardly possible to live in city without cars. Private cars or public cars is basically required to cover a distance from home to elsewhere in another part of the city.

On the contrary, airplanes indeed shorten the time that ships or cars would take but doesn’t change the lifestyle of modern folks as much as the automobile. Moreover, on account of the relatively high price of the plane tickets, only a small portion of people are able to frequently enjoy the convenience brought by airplanes. To the opposite, most people can afford to buy a bus ticket. Furthermore, many individuals are able to buy their own car. The easier access to cars contributes to a more impact on everyone’s life.

In conclusion, it’s entirely reasonable to affirm that vehicles have more impact on society than airplane does.

Hopefully it’s adequate for TOEFL exam.


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